The Adventure of Looking Ahead without Fear {Almost}

I promise- this will be a short post {as I intend to get breakfast in a minute}.

So, this week I have had some amazing challenges: started my first Patreon page, my woodburner died on my in the middle of my "Pooh bear" project, and work has been especially challenging this week and I had to put in additional hours.

As a result, I purchased a real cheap substitute wood burner (until I can afford better), and put in even more hours at work to make life at work better. So not much time for art unfortunately and 100% concentration towards getting my "other" work done {Monday-Friday!}.

This year - so far has been a tremendous mix of loss and wins. The worst was that my car was stolen- so no shows until I can afford a car. All of my efforts are concentrated now on my website, social media, and writing posts about my work.

Two years ago, when I started this "idea" of starting my own site- becoming my own boss. My following was slow at best (and like my former employers expectations) I wanted a million followers immediately- without a budget! So I concentrated on being "different" and ventured with this whole idea of inventing myself as a wood burn artist {instead of just being an "artist"}- and I was pleasantly surprised at the reception of folks at shows

So here we are in 2018, no car, new job, and growing my little business from scratch. Today I have another commission of nesting dolls {Peter Rabbit not the one photographed} and should get started/finished today. Sold twenty so far {through Etsy}- which helps {but does NOT purchase a car-yet}!

Maybe you did not want to read all that!
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