How to Get Your First 1,000 Followers on Every Major Social Network

In the midst of endless blogs, posts, and tweets, when is the best times to post for your brand or business get noticed? Creating a truly effective marketing campaign is about understanding your brand, and more importantly, your audience. The future of marketing takes more than technology, it takes a philosophical shift to create a more meaningful and shareable experiences. The following are the best dates and times that will help you improve your marketing strategy


For us parents out there- this title sounds more like a Dr. Seuss headline, however – the best way to gain a “following” is through following others- especially the influencers that relate to your industry {for more on how to find influencers- click here}!

Social media is a great way to develop strategic partnerships and to developing the audience necessary to your business. Initially, the foremost method to creating a following will be following others – but you will also want to give them A REASON to follow you!  If you are new to social media {or you are starting from scratch}, remember to start with a basic plan that provides some content for your followers. A great post from imFORZA details how to grow a social following from scratch in this link here.


Twitter: What distinguishes Twitter from other social networks is the character limitation which provide short snippets of information for your audience to follow. Essentially, the posts that you place need to be memorable enough in just a few words {and hopefully with a photo} to capture attention. Twitter is also one of the easiest social media platforms to quickly attract a following. Here are a few tips to get started:

  • Provide a clear link to Twitter to your website’s profile page
  • Include links/widgets to your Twitter page in your blog/online content {For tips on how to write your professional bio click on this link here}
  • Add a follow button to your website and blog
  • Use relevant hashtags in your tweets {so that others can find you!}

Pinterest: Rapidly becoming the fastest growing social media formats because of its ease of use and clear interface. In order to be effective in developing a strong following- you will need to make sure that your business profile page is authenticated and you will need to link your your twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts to your Pinterest. Once this is accomplished, then you need to make sure that the social media icons are on your profile page.

To create a successful Pinterest campaign- we recommend that you pin content that directs to your page at least several times daily. For a guide on the best days and times to pin click here, and if you need to know how to create images that your followers will want {via curalate}- click here.

Here are a few other steps to develop your following:

  • Pin original content to your page that leads followers directly to your website/blog
  • Create a Pinterest “Follow Me” button or icon on your website/blog
  • Follow your competitions followers! Although this is a bit tactile- you can click on your competition and follow their followers!
  • Comment and like popular pins on Pinterest

Instagram: The challenge to Instagram is to keep a regular schedule and a consistent theme while making sure to remain interesting to your followers. While following others who share your similar interests/hobbies may be a great start- here are a few additional methods to creating your 1,000 followers:

  • Make sure to place the best hashtags that will direct your followers to your page
  • Comment on posts that are relevant to your industry
  • Connect your account onto your website/blogs
  • Develop a commenting strategy to encourage traffic

LinkedIn: This influential business based platform is especially important to creating a business presence that is critical to creating a following. However, LinkedIn requires a bit more strategy and purposes a significant reward for your efforts. Speaking from a writer’s perspective- it is best to post some items to the LinkedIn’s Pulse via the “Publish a post” button located on your profile page. This will give you an unique opportunity to reach your followers and show them your unique expertise in your field {make sure to take advantage of the tags at the bottom so others can find you!}. Additionally you can post your website blog posts directly to your news-feed for your followers to click to read. Finally, post your blog posts and participate heavily in LinkedIn Groups- this will significantly up your followers more than anything else! So, to recap- here is a quick breakdown to increase your LinkedIn followers:

  • Share links on your profile page/website/emails and your blog sites to LinkedIn
  • Add a LinkedIn icon to your websites, blogs, and social media platforms
  • Get to writing about your business- as LinkedIn is all about self promotion! Include images for visual interest!
  • Become heavily involved in LinkedIn Groups that are specific to the industry you serve. Also, create your own LinkedIn Group while you are at it {for more on how to build a LinkedIn Group- click here}
  • Send and accept connection requests


Disney hashtag courtesy of’s “The 30 Most Genius Content Marketing Examples of 2014”

Communication in social media often requires the use of hashtags – those short links that are preceded by a pound sign. Initially, it may appear that the use of hashtags are unnecessary and frivolous- but this form of communication is integral to social media and it is critical to know how to use them effectively. Although Twitter is the birthplace of hashtag use- these tags are often used in specific topics of conversation. For your target audience to find {and then follow you}- you will need to know how each social media utilizes hashtags {Note- for more examples like the image above- click on this link}:

  1. Twitter: for your audience to find you- you will need to include hashtags that are specific to the posts you are adding. A good rule of thumb is to research what tags are trending online. The “trends” sidebar of your Twitter feed creates a list of hashtags that are “trending” based on the tweets that you post.
  2. Instagram: The use of hashtags are used to describe/compliment the images that you post and to pick up new followers.
  3. Facebook: Utilizing hashtags will help followers find you through Facebook’s new algorithm feature. Prospective followers can search for a specific term through the search bar and Facebook will display those who carry that specific term in their posts.
  4. Pinterest: Followers are linked to hashtags through the search feature in the search bar. Use hashtags in your pin description so that new followers can discover your content.
  5. Goggle+: One specific advantage to Google+ is its direct connectivity to the Google search engine. Clicking on a hashtag in Goggle+ will include the original hashtag as well as all the other posts, images, and content that are matched with similar keywords and tags.

These days it seems that everyone does their business on a laptop, tablet, or mobile device and your potential customers have ready and constant access to email. We receive hundreds to thousands of emails each day, and along with that- the power to decide what purchases to make at any time. As a local business owner or sales person, you are not waiting for your prospective clients to come to you and “magically” make a purchase- clearly, this will take a bit of effort.

How you gain the confidence of a prospective client though email marketing will take a little bit of savvy and craft. We will guide you through the best methods of successful email marketing techniques that will actually get opened and win your clients.

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