Getting Ready for Show Season!

It is hard to believe that Fall is already here but I have been super busy all Spring and Summer to prepare for these next few months!

I have had a lot of inquiries on these pieces on my Instagram but I have been reluctant to sell since it takes so long to build inventory. Of my recent favorites is these little heart threes - I imagine these personalized with a couple's initials.

Then there are the birds....

I found an unpainted pair of cardinals at a non for profit store that helps disabled persons with housing and employment- such a lucky find! I have tons of chickadees I will be selling but my shows could use at least forty more of these guys- unfortunately I only have two.

But lets talk about my commissioned month late

Still one of the best sellers and of the most difficult pieces to manage in a weekend's time is these little story nesting dolls that I wood burn, paint, and then wood burn again. I think a set of five of these takes 40-60 hours to create and I do not think the price I charge is reasonable for my time- but, maybe these will be played with. Maybe these little guys will open up a child's love for literature in a way that a computer could never do. Maybe...that is what I tell myself!

And lets talk about that new logo!

Logos can be challenging things, how do I let folks know that this website is also where my art pieces live - or will live soon? My idea was to "burn" my logo and set it into social media and in the opening of the website. I think the designers did an amazing job!

My story is constantly changing and becoming set with new challenges- be a part of my story and join me on social media {which I post on every weekend!}

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