Antique Shopping In Nashville - A "Picker's Paradise"

Gargoyles French Decor | 401 South Mt Juliet Rd, Suite 250
Mount Juliet, TN 37122 >>

I went out this Saturday in the hopes to find a vendor to place my  art items in and ended up thinking of what I am going to purchase next  week when I get paid!

My first stop was a little outside the Nashville city limits because I  wanted to grab a quick bite to eat before heading to a few antique  shops. This shop was an unexpected discovery as I was just driving  around. So before I went to eat- I stopped at Gargoyles French Decor in  Mount Juliet {photographed above}. Just like the name suggests- tons of  beautiful authentic French decor and a few small gargoyles. The shop  owners {Robert and Carolyn} were very welcoming- even to a girl like me  who could not afford anything at the moment! 

Treasures Antiques & Consignment, 2628 Old Lebanon Rd, Nashville, TN 37214 

aMy second stop, I went to a little antique shop - which was rated  very high from what I could see on Google. It was a cute and quaint  little shop but to be honest, I was more impressed with their next door  neighbor's personality! It could have been an "off" day and I plan to  return for some cute wood pieces that I saw- which were priced well for  my "artist-budget". I did, however get this adorable little blue bench  for only $10 {photo below}! So get ready to see this on a follow up  "before and after" write up!

Speaking of the next door neighbor, this small shop on the other side  sells refurbished pieces of furniture and some really cute wood  "smalls" like this adorable little cutting board {picture below}.  Southern Honey Workshop is a nice little discovery as well.

An example of the many refurbished pieces possible from Southern Honey Workshop, Furniture and Paint store - 2628 Old Lebanon Rd, Donelson, TN.

Small Cutting board found at Southern Honey Workshop- I plan on burning this with a monogram + purchasing more later!

So in this "journey" Saturday, I hit three places on the outskirts of  Nashville and really have not seen much! The "funny" thing about  Nashville is that the neighboring cities that lie just near the border  of the city are still considered "Nashville". Navigating what is  "Nashville" and what might not be "Nashville" is confusing to even those  that lived there their whole lives!

So that being said- I only had one day this weekend to discover what I  could in a very limited window of time. I went back to my phone and  looked for more "Goggle-recommendations" which took me to Music City  drive across the way from Opryland Hotel.

Yeah, I have been through here before- but not through the eyes  of a "treasure-hunter-picker" or to own a small space as a vendor at an  antique place.

Mercantile615 {picture from IG: @mercantile615}

2416 Music Valley Drive, Suite 115 Nashville, TN 37214

My next stop was this very open and uncluttered space- Mercantile  615- owned by a husband and wife team; David and Wendy. They are located  in this strip mall and are nestled between two very congested antique  shops. The shop is an eclectic mix of appealing vintage pieces that  would work in any home. There is even an open craft area where they play  hosts to such things as crochet shows, art exhibits, and painting  classes.

I am serious considering them for my next "space" but unfortunately I  will need to wait. They are located a small walking distance near to  the Texas Troubadour Theatre - which is another "Music City" attraction  {which I have not yet been to in these many years of living here!} More  on this in future posts to come!

So, last but not least is this "non-antique" place that sells gently used art supplies to benefit Progress, a non-profit agency that provides daily activities and support staff to hundreds of adults with developmental disabilities {to learn more about Progress- click here}  - it was next to the Texas Troubadour Theatre!

SmART! Supplies,  2416 Music Valley Drive Suite 106 Nashville, TN 37214

My creative friends will love this shop and the owner told me that  this next Saturday, May 12th  is a $25 basket sale! That means that  anything you can get of any of these lovely supplies in a shopping  basket {pictured above} for only $25! Yep, there is a storage bin full  of wood pieces that I plan to "dump" in a basket at the first chance I  can get!

I am in dire need of some supplies and it makes me feel good that this shop supports those with intellectual disabilities!

So, an entire day of "Pick'n" Nashville antique shops and really I  only visited six so far! Nashville is really a diverse mix of different  cities conglomerated into one- so maybe next time I will visit the  "Franklin" side of Nashville! Specifically, I want to visit the lady  that purchased my Sunflower pallet paintings last year for her shop!

This might be an ongoing blog of different antiques shops in my area-  so be on the look out every Sunday and I will post my findings here on  this blog post.

Thank you for your support!

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