A Day In The Life of An Artist

I wake up everyday thinking about art and go to sleep thinking of what to do next {both anticipation and dread of the weekend}.
Today started early, just like any other day - so I got up {walked the dog} and started burning details of my birch trees. It is during this process that my dog stares at me from the couch as I am on the floor for hours burning every square inch of this pallet before I am "happy" with it. The birch trees are my most popular items at shows and I think that I would like to make at least 30 pallet pieces- so far the count is ONE!
When I am going about this- there is alot of time to think; "What if I afforded a faster burner?", "what about those display pieces I need to build?", "who is gonna clean up this mess?", and "why is the dog staring at me?"
Every weekend I get into this hyper overdrive to create these large and small pieces. The months of back crushing labor becomes so worth it during shows. I love it when someone walks over to my stuff- touches it and whispers "it's not real". Unlike most artists, I don't mind it when folks to touch my artwork and see that these are authentic pieces!
My art also "stares at me" from the mantel {I can't escape from the things that need completing!}.
Last night {until about midnight} I was working on my letter plaques. I have been building on idea for two months to create an "alphabet display" of wood burned monogram plaques. Two months- only 8 letters of the alphabet so far. I am just obsessed with these letters- but there is so much more that I need to do!
Three of the eight letters shown here - a tribute in pyrography to late 19th century artist and author William Morris (1834-1896)
Weekends are my only time to get these things done! My eyes pan across to my coffee table of that unfinished clock that I bought for $3 and think what that would look like as a "William Morris" styled clock. I think of last weekend's wood burned pendants and how I need to add the hardware to make them into necklaces. Let's not even talk about the time and effort spent on social media and on my website to promote my products!
Before I know it- Monday will be here and I will be thinking all day at work- what project will I be burning on next Saturday/Sunday? I think it will take at least another month or two to complete the William Morris inspired "alphabet". In addition to that birch tree piece- I hope to get "Y" and "Z" complete this weekend- but first, food! Come on Lilly- let's go out and get some breakfast!
Maybe you did not want to read all that!
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